IMG_0439 When we look at the past few years of literacy instruction, one of the additions to the preschool program in our district is Visual Phonics.  It was exciting to see these young students respond to letters and sounds using hand signals along with vocal cues to make letter sounds and letter recognition come alive.  This technique makes the student focus in on the sound or phoneme.  It is simple, engaging, and easy to implement in classrooms.  It optimizes listening skills that coincide with a visual.  Each student is taught a hand cue for each of the sounds in English, and each hand cue is associated in some way with the production of the sound.  It is a great beginning step for students who will eventually enter Kindergarten where phonic instruction using the 95% Group materials and our WONDERS reading program make the next steps towards fluid reading for our students.  IMG_0440

If you want more information, here is a link to the Visual Phonics chant:

Visual Phonics Chant

Here is a link to the hand signals:

Visual Phonics by Hand Demonstration