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Anybody who knows me knows that literacy is my passion – reading and writing are my sweet spots!  So… today I decided it was time I explored a little more about math.

Spent time in 8th grade math class learning about slope and the formula using the interactive mimeo and determining a solution to problems using the following formula:  y=mx + b

When would we use this?

  • Determining slope-intercept to write equations of lines
  • Determining advanced interest costs and mortgage payments
  • Determining the acceleration of costs along a continuum
  • Knowledge of this is embedded in future areas of employment:   architecture, financing, accounting, engineering…

Whew!  This is hard but opening doors for our students to advanced math courses.  I now know what Rise over Run means, how to solve for b in the equation, how to graph the x,y pairs….  Think I will go home and do some 8th grade math homework just to keep up with our wonderful middle school math students!  Thank you, Mrs. Pruess!  🙂

Next visit – 7th grade math with Ms. Berringer…images

When students entered the room, they had Olympic booklets to update their graphs displaying medal counts for each of the countries participating in the Olympics.  Go, USA! We are leading the way with 23 followed closely by Russia and Netherlands with 22 each.  Ms. B displayed a short article about the Olympic ski jump view and the medal stadium in Yugoslavia where the 1984 Winter Olympics were held.  The war fought in 1990s left its toll on the area.  It is now covered in moss and crumbling.  She talked about the importance of keeping up on things so they stay in good shape – the importance of doing homework and keeping up on math skills.

Next…planning a graduation party with the skill of Solving Two-Step Equations and Inequalities.  Problem-solving:  cost of invitations ($6 each) plus shipping ($5) for varied number of invites (6p + 5).  Next step:  DESCRIBE HOW YOU CALCULATED THE COST OF EACH ORDER.  Math is no longer simply calculating but also using metacognition (writing and thinking about how you solved a problem) so you can transfer this skill to other situations outside of math class.  The class moved on to setting up algebraic equations and applying inverse operations to solve equations.

Thank you, Ms. Berringer!  🙂

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