I just wanted to take a minute to once again say “Thank You” for all that you do for our students at Maquoketa.  It does take a village to educate our children.  We do many great things and have many things that we can improve upon.  However, no matter what we do there is one constant that is always  going to be the same…. CHANGE.


“Fall is a great reflection and metaphor for life. How many times have you fought change even though change is inevitable? You worry, get anxious, or stressed over a new season in life, BUT once you finally go through that change you discover the beauty of growing as a person. Maybe you now display the beauty of forgiveness, peace, joy, or have daily gratitude that you would’ve never had before.
What about physical change to your body? We are all aging daily – whether you like it or not. But, just like the trees of autumn, the beauty lasts longer if the conditions are just right… the right amount of light, water, and protection from the wind. The same is true with your beauty, strength and vitality. If you exercise daily, eat healthy, drink the proper amount of water, live clean, and have a good attitude then you will have a better chance of holding onto your beauty and health as well within your season of life. Don’t be afraid of change…open your eyes and embrace the beauty within the experience. You can you look at any kind of change as an opportunity to grow? To see the beauty instead of complaining and not dwelling on it.” (excerpt from Wendy Pett)


So, in this fall season see change as an opportunity.  An opportunity to take a calculated risk, try something new, and see the beauty of it all.  Thanks again for all you do!