The Maquoketa Community School District is located in eastern Iowa, approximately halfway between Dubuque (to the north) and Davenport (to the south).  We serve about 1,542 students in our four buildings, which consist of two elementary buildings, one middle school and one high school.  After sixth grade, we also serve students from Sacred Heart Elementary School in Maquoketa and from Delwood Elementary – a neighboring district.  We also serve ninth through twelfth grade students from Andrew Community School District.

The town of Maquoketa has a population of slightly less that 6,000 people.  We feel that we are just the right size… we can offer students more opportunities than a very small rural district yet we are able to get to know our students individually and work with them on a more personal basis.  We are a “3A” district and have been recognized for academic, athletic as well as fine arts accomplishments.

One of the strengths of our district is our staff. Just a few things to boast about.

Our Staff:  Dedicated to Excellence

The staff of the Maquoketa Community Schools is well-trained, experienced, and committed to lifelong learning.

Total number of employees – 242 (Includes full-time and part-time employees)

Classified Staff – 106 (Includes teacher associates, secretarial and clerical staff, bus drivers, special needs drivers, mechanics, custodial/maintenance staff, food service staff, mail clerk, nurse assistant, crossing guard, and Community Connection site coordinators)

Nursing Staff – 3

Teaching Staff – 120 (Includes teachers, library media specialists, and counselors)

Administrators – 7 (Includes superintendent, principals, assistant principal, and curriculum director)

Other Administration – 6 (Includes Business Coordinator, Technology Coordinator, Information System Technicians, Food Service Director, Transportation Director/Manager of Support Operations and Juvenile Court Liaison)


Teacher Qualifications

Number of teachers – 120

Certified teachers – 100%

Percentage with bachelor’s degree – 47%

Percentage with Master’s degree – 53%


Teacher Experience in the Maquoketa District

0-5 years          24%

6-10 years        16%

11-15 years      21%

16-20 years      14%

21-25 years      7%

26-30 years      9%

31-35 years      5%

36-40 years      3%

Range = 0-40 years of experience


Teacher Experience both in Maquoketa and in other districts

0-5 years          15%

6-10 years        14%

11-15 years      21%

16-20 years      12%

21-25 years      10%

26-30 years      14%

31-35 years      6%

36-40 years      6%

41-45 years      2%

Range = 0-45 years of experience


Source:  Iowa Department of Education BEDS count, Fall 2013