Maquoketa High School Library:  Window to your Future

MHS Library Vision is to meet the curricular needs of the school population, allow for  accessiblity for all students and staff, and to improve their educational opportunities.  By providing  our school population with better quality resources, and the more collaborative opportunities available, the better the student achievement overall.   These opportunities also create a lifelong habit of library usage.

Library Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-3:45 p.m.

Circulation:  Students can check out library books for a three week time period and then can be renewed two more times.  There is a limit of two books checked out per student.  Library fines start accumulating on the second day of being late.  The fine is .10 cents per day.

Faculty check out varies per type of materials.

Magazines:  The magazines are cataloged and bar coded for easy checkout.  The newest issue is displayed with the older issues located on the bottom shelf.

Newspapers:  The newest issue is displayed with approximately one month of newspapers kept.

Selection Policy:

  • Recommendations for selection are encouraged from students and teachers.
  • Materials selected will be suitable for content for the grade and interest level of intended users.  Book reviews and standards catalogs are used to aid in the selection process.
  • Other considerations for materials include:  factual accuracy, authority of author, integrity of work and quality of presentation.
  • For more information about the selections policy, see MCSD Board Policy 606.13

Computer use:  12 computers are available to use in the library.  They are available for individual student use.  Microsoft Office 2010 is available on all the computers.  The library is also equipped with a scanner and a mounted LCD projector. The computers are for academic purposes with copyright and licensing agreements followed.  Color printing is available, but should be kept to a minimum.