Welcome to the 2015-16 school year.  It’s exciting to see the students on their first day pumped with anticipation of what the day, and the year, will hold for them.  At Maquoketa we welcome your students with open arms.  We are glad they are here and look forward to working closely with them on a daily basis.  Our hope for this year, and all the years to come, is that you see us as a partner.  We are here to work side by side with you in order to do what is best for your student.

Please visit our website regularly to find information about our district.  Shortly,  I will be putting some videos on our site to let you know more about why Maquoketa is the “Place to Be”!  We have many outstanding opportunities for our students and you need to know about them.  Check back in a couple weeks as we finish these videos up!

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Check back on a monthly basis to read more of my thoughts, get updates, and just see what is going on in the MCSD!  Thank you for being on our TEAM!  We look forward to working with you and your student!


Chris Hoover