The Maquoketa Middle School Zero Hour instruction for students needing extra assistance in the area of reading is focused on explicit instruction. THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PARAPHRASING AND SUMMARIZING explicitly teaches students to identify main ideas and key details on the road to higher comprehension. This is the focus as we move forward towards higher proficiency in reading.


The paraphrasing and summarizing program is part of the Learning Strategies Curriculum developed and researched through the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. Our new AEA Consultant, Beverly Downey, is a KU Strategy trainer and has been instrumental in bringing this program to the Middle School Zero Hour. Students are monitoring their progress on a regular basis as they move from paraphrasing passages with clearly identifiable main ideas to paraphrasing multiple passages when main ideas are unclear. The goal is to transfer these skills to standardized testing.

We will look forward to watching the progress of students who are participating in the explicit instruction of  Zero Hour!

MMS Explicit Instruction