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Cardinal Students In Action


Mrs. Schmidt Goes to Washington – Day 1

It is an incredible honor to represent Iowa teachers at the National State Teachers of the Year event in Washington, D.C., this week.  On Sunday, the Governor’s Scholar Recognition Ceremony was held in Des Moines in HyVee Hall.  This event is co-sponsored by the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Farm bureau.  Each school district is invited to send their top students for recognition.  Each student filed across the stage for a photo with the Honorable Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds.  Each school is then presented with a plaque containing the photo for posting in their building.  As the IA TOY, I was honored to give a presentation to the group of 2400.  What a great group of people all gathered in one area!


On the big screen before giving a speech at the Ceremony

Ashley Becker represented Maquoketa at the Scholar Recognition Ceremony

Ashley Becker represented Maquoketa at the Scholar Recognition Ceremony









Next we headed to the airport only to have a delayed flight to Washington, D.C., but we did finally make all our connections and checked in at 1 A.M.

Today was an amazing day of learning beginning at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery where we learned to about READING PORTRAITURES.  The workshop included specific ways to engage students through examining and analyzing portraits and artwork.  When things settle down, will post more specifics on how we can access Smithsonian resources to enhance content area curriculum to engage students.  Great opportunities ahead!

A group of STOYS at the National Portrait Gallery

A group of STOYS at the National Portrait Gallery

Our afternoon ended with a terrific message delivered by Dr. Jill Biden in the VP mansion.  A great event made even greater as Dr. Biden told of her passion for teaching as an educator in a community college.


Dr. Jill Biden gives an inspiring message to the TOYS in the VP mansion


Posing in the VP sun room


With the Illinois TOY as we pose by the VP staircase


With the South Carolina TOY, enjoying the VP napkins and embossed glasses

Tomorrow will be training on interactive white boards.  On Thursday we meet President Obama.  Whose life is this?????