I had the pleasure of visiting Grant School in Muscatine yesterday.  What a joy!  I knew when I drove up to the school it was going to be a special place.  Grant School is a “Leader in Me” school and the entire building exudes positive energy and a love of learning.  One quote that caught my eye was: “The greatest natural resource we have is our children.”  How true that is!  Our children help us see the world through different eyes.  They help us to relive that spark of youth found in our classrooms that we all remember so well.  They encourage us to be better so we can provide them with a model of what is good in the world.  Children…the joy of being young, the enthusiasm of new surprises, the simple laughter of the silly parts of life.  Enjoy children who you see around you.  Know that they are our future and we can help that future be even more special by serving as models towards which they can seek to aspire!