The goal in life is to live young, have fun, and arrive at your final destination as late as possible, with a smile on your face. And you know what the final destination I’m talking about is, right? No one can escape it. We’re all going there. But the important thing is how much we enjoy the ride until we get there. After all, we only have one life and one ride.

Too many people stress over too many meaningless things. Their bus is going through life but they are blind to the beauty around them. Think about it. The day you die you will still have 30-40 emails in your in-box that will not be answered. You will never get it all done so you might as well relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride. Don’t be someone who looks back and says I should have done this or that. Live and work like you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Act like a kid on Christmas morning that is always optimistic and excited about the gifts you are receiving. Don’t be too stressed to feel blessed. Just enjoy your ride….