“How are my thoughts going to make my work and marriage better?” George asked in a skeptical tone.

“The energy of thought as we discussed, “ Joy answered confidently.

“It’s called the law of attraction!” Marty shouted from the back of the bus.

“Ever wonder why that is? Joy asked rhetorically. Because thoughts are magnetic. What we think about, we attract. What we think about expands and grows. What we put our energy and attention on starts to show up more in our life. And the energy we project through our thoughts is the energy we receive.”

“Do you know those people who all they do is complain? They focus on what they don’t want, don’t like, and don’t have. If you are complaining you can’t be thinking about or creating what you do want. Plus your complaining also ruins everyone else’s ride.

(How do you ensure that the energy you project is positive? How do you keep others from ruining your ride?)