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Rule #5 Don’t Waste Your Energy on Those Who Won’t Get on the Bus

You will always be surrounded by negative people. It’s not these people so to speak. It’s the negativity that they represent. Negativity not only kills productivity it also kills people.

Step back for a moment. Don’t focus on these people personally. Don’t think of it as you versus them. Just realize they represent the negativity that will always be around you. The important thing is to know how to deal with the negativity and what to do with it. “Don’t waste energy on those who don’t get on your bus” Don’t try to make them get on. You can’t drive anyone else’s bus. You can only drive your bus.

Certainly don’t spend your energy being upset that these people didn’t get on your bus. Don’t take it personal. The more energy you spend worrying about the people who didn’t get on your bus, the less you will have for the people who are on your bus.