Mrs. Waldorf and Mrs. Bollman, Pre-K teachers

Each spring our schools present to the school board a report on progress made in achieving goals outlined in the Yearly Career Development Plans.  These plans are developed by teaching teams in all of our buildings.  The main focus for Cardinal was collaboration in the development of reading achievement throughout their building.  The Pre-Kindergarten class reported about their connection in building the basic foundation of reading skills.

Mrs. Hardin and Ms. Dykstra, Special Needs teachers

Two of the special needs teachers reported on their adaptation of the WONDERS reading program for those students who struggle with communication.

Mr. Kurtz, PE teacher

Physical education focuses on “getting the move on” for all students with a goal of exercise enjoyment.


Mrs. Polk, music teacher,  explained the music connection with the reading program as she uses the songs from our WONDERS reading program within her curriculum.


Tara Michels , special needs teacher, explains her role in assisting students with sensory and behavior needs through an awareness of their physical needs.  Weighted vests help to “wrap” students who are feeling out of control due to sensory overload.

Mrs. VanZummeren, Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. Hepker, Mrs. Klemme, and Mrs. Gavin

Kindergarten teachers explain their amazement with the progress of their students through the WONDERS reading program.  Their DIBELS assessments are showing dramatic improvement.

Mrs. Regan, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Durkop, and Mrs. Miller

First grade is thankful for the board approved WONDERS reading program as they watch their students become avid readers.

Mrs. Aldeman, Mrs. Dostal, Mrs. Burmahl, Mrs. Neyens, and Mrs. Evans

Second grade teachers discuss their success with achievement as evidenced by DIBELS assessments.  Through their dedication and hard work, learning targets are being met by students.

Mrs. Richardson, Ms. Bahlmann, and Mrs. McLaughlin
Mrs. Orendorff

Our reading interventionists, ELL (English as a Second Language) specialist, and our school social worker discuss the part they play in the education of the total child at Cardinal Elementary.

It takes a collaborative group working towards the same vision to assist our students in their development.  Under the leadership of Principal Joan Bollman, Cardinal is a very special place to learn and grow!