That evening George sat in the car repair shop waiting for his tire to be replaced. He didn’t like waiting in lines for the movies, waiting in traffic, or waiting in line at the grocery store. He always picked the wrong line and of course the person in front of him always had a product without a price tag. George felt as if the world conspired to inconvenience him.

“Sir, I’ve got good news and some bad news. The good news is that your car isn’t destroyed and you’re still here.”

“What are you talking about!” George shouted. “It’s only a flat tire!”

“Well that’s more good news, the flat tire kept you from driving your car. I remembered seeing a notice about your make and model so I had a hunch to check the brakes and sure enough they were completely worn. At any moment they could have gone and you would have no way of stopping. You could have been as flat as your tire.”

“The bad news, the mechanic continued, is that the parts will take about two weeks to come in. We will need to keep your car until then.”

Just great, George thought not even realizing the good news he had just heard. The only things he was thinking about were having his car in the shop for two weeks and getting home. Just one more inconvenience for an inconvenient life.

(Has there ever been a time in your life where you let the flat tires of life overshadow the good news? How do we become a “solution focused” district as opposed to a “problem focused” district?)