IMG_8382It is amazing how time flies!  It seems like just a few weeks ago we were preparing for the 2015-16 school year and now it is almost half-way over.  Last year at this time I was busy traveling on a variety of roads to districts across Iowa serving as an ambassador of education along with gathering ideas for MCSD.  This year I have entered a full-time position as Director of Professional Growth & Student Learning.  It has been a time of  learning how to approach the process of moving instruction forward in our district.  I may now be housed at Central Office, but my heart remains with teachers and students in the classroom.  I entered the administration field believing I could have an impact on teachers and therefore students through a position that focused on curriculum and instruction.  As I listened to the Briggs Elementary students sing during their holiday program, I could not help but come to the realization that the further you move from the classroom, the less significant impact you actually have on the world.  There is nothing as meaningful as developing relationships with students, guiding them to find their talents, moving them to hone their skills, and providing them a new way of looking at their world.  I am still striving to impact instruction by working with teachers in the buildings across our district, but my heart will always be filled with strong memories of  students.  As a teacher, I always worked at sharing my enthusiasm for learning and was driven by a desire to inspire, but I now realize the real learning was by me and the inspiration I received was through others shining with the light of learning in their eyes.  May we all know the value of what we do for one another!  Happy holidays!