As we enter the winter break I want to reach out to all staff, students, parents, and community members to be a part of a very important task force that we are creating within the district.  This task force will be comprised of approximately 60-70 people and meet a total of 5 times to look at a very important aspect of our district; the middle school.  The current middle school building is over 90 years old.  Understanding the connection to the community that  this building has, we would like the input of all stakeholders as to what should be investigated in order to meet the needs of our middle school students.  Shall we redesign the current space or re-purpose the space and build a new school?  Or are there other ideas you have?  That is what this task force will seek to find out.

There are many needed updates that the current middle school needs.  These are, but not limited to, : heating and cooling system, 21st century learning spaces, ADA compatibility, better wireless accessibility to technology, collaboration spaces, a community entrance, and a safe and secure building.

Please consider being a part of this integral committee.  In January, members of the Middle School Facilities Team will be inviting people to take part on the task force.  If you are not asked, and would like to be on the task force, please contact me at the Central Office (563-652-4984).  We want and need your input in order to move our middle school into the 21st century.  Thank you for considering this opportunity.