Weather Calls…

I am often asked how we make school decisions in cases of hazardous weather.  During this winter, I have been asked about this more than ever before!

It is a good question and I am glad to review the factors that impact decisions to have school, delay the start of school or cancel school.

We look at the following:

When it comes to cold weather…

  • We get concerned when the actual temps get to -10 or lower and the wind chill gets in the -25 range or below.
  • We also monitor National Weather Service and note the difference between an “Advisory” and a “Warning
  • We always check forecast to see if conditions are expected to improve, stay the same or worsen throughout the day.
  • I always visit with our Transportation Director, Mike Wing… We can almost always get our buses started because we keep them plugged in at night.  In cold weather our greater concern is having a fuel line gel up when the buses are out on a route.  We have radios on our buses but frostbite can occur within 30 minutes when temperatures are as extreme as they have been this winter.
  • Finally, I always confer with my superintendent colleagues in the area to see what they are thinking.  We do so much sharing of programs that we almost need to make a collective decision.

When it comes to snow, ice and other hazardous driving conditions such as fog…

It is not always a clear-cut decision on those borderline days and the news services tend to hype things quite a bit more than they did in the past.

If you have any questions about this topic or others, don’t hesitate to contact me at choover@maquoketa.k12.ia.usor at (563) 652-4984.

Chris Hoover

MCSD Superintendent