April 28, 2020

Dear Families of Briggs Elementary School and Maquoketa Middle School,

This letter is to inform you as to how you can access spring pictures that were taken by LifeTouch Photography.  All picture viewing and purchasing will take place on-line.  Following are directions for you to view and purchase spring pictures.

  1. Families can call the National Call Center at 800-736-4753 and request the access code to view their child’s portrait Families can provide the Portrait ID for their child’s school to make it easier to find their student.
    1. Briggs Elementary Portrait ID-  BN319041Q0
    2. Maquoketa Middle Portrait ID- BN319036Q0
  2. Families can use the Online Chat feature available at mylifetouch.com to request their codes view their child’s portrait online.
  3. Families can view their image at com, where they can place an order if   they’d like.

We apologize for the change in viewing and purchasing spring pictures.  Due to COVID-19, viewing and purchasing spring pictures on-line is the best option that we have that also allows us to support social distancing.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


Patrick R. Bollman, Briggs Elementary School Principal

Amanda Bonjour, Maquoketa Middle School Principal