Briggs Elementary School Families, (Happy May Day)Briggs Star Student graphic

I am excited to announce the following Star Student award winners for students at Briggs Elementary School for the months of March and April:

Third Grade: 

  • Kaylee Rockwell
  • Mikki Simonin
  • Audrina Caes
  • Sadie Bunyon
  • Kristionna Smith

Fourth Grade:

  • Kenlynn Leroy
  • Emeri Ralston
  • Kythan Buck
  • Ryley Galloway
  • Keaton Koppes
  • Breccan Ryan
  • Brennin Streets

Fifth Grade:

  • Cayson Hayward
  • Brady Wilson
  • Wade Welley
  • Kye Coakley

Star Student award winners will have their certificates mailed to them.  Star Student lawn signs will be handed out when families pick up student supplies.  Congratulations to our Star Student award winners.

Way to be a CARD!  Way to be a CHAMPION!

Patrick R. Bollman

Briggs Elementary School Principal