Update to Situational Awareness

This message is to inform parents of the information that was shared and discussed in a mini assembly format with each grade level (9-12) today. The purposes behind the meetings were: 1) Inform students of accurate information about the comments that were made that caused a concern these past few days and give any pertinent…

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Safety Statement

Dear Maquoketa Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members: Our thoughts are with the Parkland Florida school community. The safety of our students at Maquoketa is a top priority, so each time there is violence on a school campus, it prompts us to pause and reflect on the safety measures, such as our secure doorways and…

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Situational Awareness

The purpose of this email is to make you aware of a situation that occurred with a Maquoketa Student and to give you accurate information. On 2/19/2018 the Maquoketa Law Center received information about an inappropriate comment or threat made by a student at the Maquoketa High School.  The Maquoketa Police Department along with the…

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