April 9, 2020

Dear Maquoketa School District Families,

I think we can all agree that the last several weeks have been some of the most difficult that we have ever endured as a school community. Yet despite our circumstances, I am heartened by all of our efforts to make the best of the situation. 

One of the issues that we have wrestled with the most is how to ensure that our students continue their learning during this time and still ensure that safety remains the top priority. Based on feedback from our families, teachers, administrators, and school board,  the Maquoketa school district has chosen to provide a variety of learning and enrichment activities for our students shared directly from our teachers. While these activities are not “required learning,” we strongly encourage parents, families,  and other caregivers to support participation while students are at home.

We have 4 main goals by providing these voluntary educational opportunities.  These goals are:

  • To provide a consistent platform and expectations for students and families to access educational opportunities that support student & family needs. 
  • To not overwhelm families and students with an overabundance of materials and assignments. 
  • To allow for students and teachers to stay connected and receive additional support and/or feedback. 
  • For families to focus on their own specific needs and determine what’s appropriate for their child and family circumstances. 

Although we were given the opportunity to have required on-line learning opportunities, the decision was made to not go in that direction.  Many factors played a part in this decision one of which was the lack of access to reliable devices and internet services for all families.

Tomorrow, another school messenger call will be sent out along with social media and website correspondence that will outline many topics. Some of those will be what educational opportunities your child can access and how to access those opportunities. 

This is new territory not only for you and your family but us as a school district.  We are not expecting perfection from anyone (not even close as a matter of fact). Please know that this is a learning opportunity for ALL of us and that we are in this together.

Stay safe, relax, remain calm, and most of all have fun with this new learning opportunity. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions.



Chris Hoover

Maquoketa Superintendent of Schools