District Purpose Statement
“The Maquoketa Community School District, in full partnership with the community, is committed to providing life-long learning opportunities which enable all learners to develop their potential. All students will learn to communicate, work both independently and with others, and manage change.


The Board of Education believes that it is the responsibility of the schools to provide maximum learning opportunities for all the children in the community, and for adult members of the community when a need is identified. There shall be no discrimination against any student because of race, color, religion, physical disability, national origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or social class.

The Board of Education further believes that all students can succeed.

Students should be active participants in the learning process. It is the function of the educational program to provide students with opportunities for obtaining the skills, knowledge, and orientations, which enable them to be contributing members in their families and their communities. For some students, this will mean thorough preparation for further formal education. For others, it will mean basic general information plus the attainment of certain vocational skills and experience.


For more information you can read the full MCSD Board Policy Manual