Our administration is dedicated to sponsoring the Cardinal Culture. While creating effective citizens is one of the primary tasks of any school, our administrators focus their efforts maintaining a safe and joyful learning environment for all students, and working with teachers to make our schools produce happier and healthier adults.

Business Office

Maquoketa CSD is very fortunate to have a dedicated business office. Our administrators and other support staff have more time to dedicate directly to the students and ensure a better learning environment for all.

The Business Office is located at the Maquoketa Community School District Administration Center, 612 S Vermont St., Maquoketa, IA 52060.

Tel. 563-652-4984


Maquoketa CSD’s curriculum coordinators build a curriculum that is not only rigorous but engaging, and founded in the 21st century skills that Iowa’s children need to take on a sometimes uncertain future. Things are changing ever faster with the possible discovery of new planets and exciting cures to long-time diseases. Our children need to be prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Our curriculum will develop critical thinking skills, technologic literacy, and foster independence in the next generation of farmers, leaders, and educators.

Food Service

Happy and Healthy Kids

No child deserves to go hungry. Making sure that all of our students have access to nutritious food is a top priority of the Maquoketa CSD. When you are hungry it can become hard to focus, as anyone who has missed lunch before can attest. We want successful students, and fed students are better prepared to take on the tasks of the day. If you would like to know if your student qualifies for assistance when it comes to lunch refer to pages 10-16 of our 2017-2018 Patron Newsletter. If you feel your student qualifies please send in a copy of the application below.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are of utmost importance to use here at Maquoketa CSD. Keeping our students and their families aware of the latest information on road safety, illness, and how to prevent the spread of disease in our communities are just a few of our tasks.

Preventative healthcare can often be the difference between a serious illness and just missing a few days of school. Health care coverage for uninsured kids is more affordable than you think. Click here to learn about the Hawk-I (Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa) Program.

Operations & Transportation

The MCSD Operations and Transportations department is dedicated to ensuring smooth running of our district facilities and infrastructure. Safe and well-maintained facilities help students stay focused in class, and effective transport means that we can help our students get to class.


Communication with parents and the community are of the utmost importance. Services like infinite campus and school websites make communication so much easier, and allow our district to stay on-top of what it means to teach 21st century skills to our students. Here you can submit tickets if you encounter a problem with a district computer or projector or even if you have an issue with infinite campus.

Maquoketa Community Schools
612 South Vermont Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060

Phone: 563-652-4984