Dear Graduate:

After reviewing our seating plan for commencement and making some adjustments, each graduate will now be allowed four guests.  To make this happen, it was necessary to reduce social distancing in some portions of our seating to a minimum of three feet.  After communicating our new plan to our community health expert, she believed we had made reasonable accommodations for social distancing.  She did recommend that we take steps to reduce the amount of casual contact both before and after the ceremony, as those are the most likely times for spread to occur.  Those steps are:

  • Graduates and guests should immediately find their seat upon arrival and remain seated throughout the ceremony.
  • The wearing of masks is strongly encouraged from the time you enter the building until you at least reach your seat.
  • After the ceremony, graduates and guests will be dismissed by section and should proceed to their cars to begin the parade.

We ask that any of our graduates or guests who are at high risk due to existing health conditions to please contact the school so that we can discuss possible accommodations.  Please call 563-652-2451 extension 4224 or email

We want to share a few details to assist you in planning for the day.

  • Graduates and guests should arrive at the same time.  Individuals will not be admitted if they are not in the presence of the graduate they are a guest of.
  • Doors will open at 1:45. [Another effort to reduce casual contact before the ceremony]
  • If participating in the parade, you should park in one of the east four rows of the parking lot.
  • One vehicle per graduate in the parade. Parents, we encourage you to drive so that your graduate can interact and enjoy the experience.
  • The parade route will be N on Vermont Street to Locust Street, E on Locust Street to Main Street, and then N on Main Street to Quarry Street[ending there].
  • The purpose of the parade is to allow others who would normally attend the ceremony to celebrate with our graduates – please share the route and encourage them to participate.

Reminder that we will be holding a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, July 14, at 7:00 PM, to go over details of the ceremony.  You will receive a meeting invite in your school email account.

Mark Vervaecke