Dear Maquoketa School District Families, Students, and Staff-

These are unprecedented times in the world and especially in the realm of education.  We have had to adapt and make many changes.  For the past several months 65 staff, students, and community members have been making plans in order for the students of the Maquoketa School District to return to their learning some way, somehow.  The results of that hard work is the document that you are about to read.

Please understand that this document is meant to provide some general guidance and expectations while allowing for the flexibility in each building to address concerns and issues as they arise.  Please also understand that the information contained within this document can, and will, change.  There are still many unknowns that we are trying to work with right now.  As more details become available to us we will be able to better plan for certain scenarios.

I want to thank you for your patience, understanding, and support throughout these difficult times.  This has not been easy for anyone but one thing is for sure we are in this TOGETHER!  I ask that you show the staff and administration grace and give them support as they navigate these trying times.  This is all new and we will do the best that we know how within the parameters that we are given. 

Finally, as you read this document you are undoubtedly going to have questions and/or concerns.  Please contact us personally and we will be happy to help.  Our contact information is contained at the end of this document along with a revised school calendar.

Chris Hoover
Superintendent of Schools


The updated MCSD Return to Learn plan has been added to the COVID-19 Info & Resources page on the district website. You can also click on the link below to view the plan. Also posted on the district website, is the Revised Academic Calendar. You can view the updated calendar by clicking the link below.