The Maquoketa Community School District is working hard to prepare for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused much concern and created a need to change the way we deliver instruction in the future.

Currently, the district is planning for three different scenarios. Which one of these scenarios we use will depend upon several things such as: CDC/Public Health recommendations, Iowa Department of Education guidance, and guidance from the Governor’s office. These possible situations are briefly described below:

  1. Required Continuous Learning- (This is also called Distance Learning or OnLine)
    In this type of learning students will be doing their work online. This would be different from what was done in March through May because it would be required of all students and not voluntary. The district would look to implement a distance delivery system and support structure that would be used for all students and ensure that all parents get the support they need to help their child(ren) access content and thrive in an online environment. Families without reliable internet access may also receive equipment and devices to help with this. We understand that what this looks like will be different for all buildings and ages of children. Please know that we will do everything that we can to work with families and make this as positive an experience as we possibly can.
  2. On-Site Learning
    On-site learning is where we would resume classes with all of our students in their respective buildings. We would institute this because we have evaluated our current health and safety needs and determined our district is ready to go back to on-site instruction full-time. Our teachers and staff would ensure students are supported, and that health and safety are a priority.
  3. Hybrid Learning
    Hybrid Learning is a combination of both on-site and distance learning. We would institute this change because we have evaluated our current capacity to support on-site education and have determined that we need to support more students within an online format to best support the health and safety of our teachers, staff and students.

Please understand that we are just in the beginning phases of this work. The Iowa Department of Education is requiring that all school districts have a plan for on-line learning by July 1, 2020. The other options, Hybrid and On-Site, are situations for which we are also preparing a plan. These plans will all need to be flexible and fluid as we know situations will change over time as well as the guidance that school districts receive will also change. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Maquoketa Central Office at 563-652-4984 and we will be happy to speak with you. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to work through what is best for our students, staff, and families during this uncertain time.

The Return to Learn Leadership Committee


Essential Area(s) Team Member Names

Admin Rep: Chris Hoover, Mark Vervaecke
HS Rep: Jenny Nabb
MS Rep: Jessica Willimack
Cardinal Rep: Jennifer Gavin
IC: Sara Bennis
Board Rep: Mary Herring
Parent Rep: Jody Coakley, Kristen DeForest
Students: Jackie Miller, Sarah Vasquez

Health & Safety

Admin Rep: Dustin, Kristy, Pat
Tech: Justin Hayward
Nurse: Sara Pape, Jesse Ihrig, Chelsea Bowman
Maintenance/Custodial: Dan Yarolim
Transportation: Dan Selzer
Secretary: Rhonda Davis, Ashley Lane/Dee Flenker
Lunchtime Solutions: Matt Andresen/Tammy Coyle
Teacher Rep: Michelle Lanham, Joel Hagen, Jay Kahn
Elementary: Whitney Richardson, Kalli Borman, Kathy Bollman
Secondary: Jon Bohle
Para: Joyce Ostert
Parent: Brielle Reicks
Board: Mike Hayward

IA Academic Standards SEBH

Data Considerations


Admin Rep: Tara, Caleb, Amanda
Cardinal Rep:  Robyn Hughes
Briggs Rep: Beth Hillebrand, Wendy Dunne
MS Rep: Kyle Billups
HS Rep: Andrea Raker
Instructional Coach: Jill Bresnan
AEA: Michelle Jacobsen
Secondary: Ann Craig
Counselor(s): Amanda DeWulf, Jenna Harms
Special Ed.: Estrella Frye

Equity Data Considerations  

Admin Rep: Angie Scholl, Tara Notz, Kevin Bowman
Tech: Dustin Cogan
Special Ed Staff: Devin Hardin
Elementary: Mary Kay Wirth
Secondary: Ashley Marshall
ELL: Sandy McLaughlin
TAG: Beth Wold
At-Risk/Interventionist: Jessica Pape
Elementary: Chloe Meisner
Secondary:Kate Kramer
IC: Carrie Pruess
Gen Ed Teacher(s): Elementary: Jenna Olson
Secondary: Kate Cavanagh, Julie Weirup
Elementary: Patrick Judkins
Secondary: Janet Drew