In the Maquoketa Community School District, we strive to develop a culture of collaboration and communication that supports and encourages continuous improvement. Through collaboration, our high school teachers have composed curriculum maps where teachers have identified the enduring essential understandings of their units, specified the priority and supporting standards students are expected to master, stated the learning targets for students, and outlined the resources and assessments for their units.

Curriculum is meant to be a fluid document, subject to change, as we develop and explore effective instructional resources to make learning come alive for our 21st Century learners.

Please contact Stacy Marcus (or (563) 652-4984 ext. 5005) at the Central Office (612 South Vermont Street, Maquoketa) if you have any questions or suggestions.

College Credit Programs

The Iowa Code Chapter 261E has been issued to ensure all students in Iowa have increased and more equal access to courses that have the potential to generate college credit while in high school.  This code provides college credit coursework to high school students by consolidating and standardizing several existing programs.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Maquoketa High School, a student will need to earn 27 units.