The Middle School strives to provide a balanced curriculum that builds upon foundational skills, includes multiple opportunities for creativity and exploration while allowing for an celebrating individual differences. A significant amount of time has been committed to the development of the following Belief Statements:

At the Maquoketa Middle School, we support learning that…

  • is process driven (learning how to learn)

  • builds on rigorous and relevant content and skills

  • focuses on a student-centered environment

  • uses multiple resources and assessments

  • integrates technology

  • involves and empowers students

  • believes that change is constant

The teaching staff is organized into four teams with each having a common planning time. This arrangement enhances communication and allows teachers to work together more effectively. It has also allowed for the development of a more integrated curriculum. The intent of this approach is to help students see the connections between traditional content areas. In addition, a greater emphasis has been placed upon providing opportunities for students to apply what they are learning in a “real-world” setting. This is sometimes achieved by setting up a simulated experience in which students assume “roles” in a working environment. Sometimes it is achieved by actually linking with organizations and businesses within the community.

Core classes at the middle school consist of: Reading, Writing, Math, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Social Studies, Science, Integrated Studies, Creative Applications and Physical Education. Exploratory classes include General Music, Exploring the Arts, Creative Expression, Industrial Technology, Family and Consumer Science, Computer Applications, Introduction to French, Introduction to Spanish, Art and Media resources. Band and Chorus are the two elective courses offered at the Middle School.