Cardinal Elementary

Cardinal Elementary serves students entering pre-k through 2nd grade. This is an important time in your child’s development of writing and language skills. Cardinal Elementary provides a safe place for your child to develop those skills and explore learning in a fun way. We look forward to you joining our Cardinal family soon!


Briggs Elementary

At Briggs Elementary, our teachers serve as models and leaders for our students from grades 3rd through 5th. Teachers collaborate every week so that we can better meet the needs of our diverse learners. While no two students are the same, all students deserve an engaging environment to explore science, global issues, and develop learning skills that will last a lifetime.


Maquoketa Middle School

Maquoketa Middle School prides itself on the creation of ever curious students. We serve students in grades 6-8. We use programs like our Free Reading Zone as a way to foster curiosity and a love of reading among our students. We are dedicated to the positive Cardinal Culture with our school-wide “Be CARDS” program which promotes good behavior, sportsmanship, and a friendly atmosphere around the campus.


Maquoketa High School

Here at Maquoketa High School we promote Cardinal Culture through high expectations of our 9th-12th graders. Students should not be expected to take the same path, and at MHS we want to prepare students for all challenges they may face in life whether that is earning a technical certificate in welding, a 4-year degree, or just paying taxes. Supporting our students comes first, and with over 150 course offerings and plenty of extracurricular and service organizations, students have the opportunity to develop the skills for the path they want to take.