Briggs Bulletin

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Welcome to Briggs Elementary School! I hope you enjoy touring our school through this website. Visitors are encouraged to come to Briggs and view firsthand the learning that is taking place.

Briggs is an elementary school that has around 300 students. The 3-5 building has four sections of each grade level. There are also special education classrooms that help support the diverse learning needs of students.

The teaching staff at Briggs Elementary is top notch. They are committed to working in a collaborative environment that allows the staff to analyze student data and make the changes necessary so that all of our students can reach their maximum potential. Such Professional Learning Communities meet weekly to plan and organize their curriculum to make sure all students have the best opportunities to learn and grow as students.

At Briggs Elementary school children come first! In a caring environment students will feel secure, find learning can be fun, and experience success.

The Maquoketa Elementary Schools’ curriculum has as its focus the basic skills of literacy and numeracy. Also included is an emphasis on “Learning to Learn” and Character Education.

Integrated Units at all grade levels comprise the remainder of the curriculum and fall in one of three strands: Human Relationships, Science, and Global Awareness. The framework for each unit includes Knowledge, Skills, Processes, and Character.

Principal Pat Bollman

Briggs Elementary School
400 West Quarry Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060
Phone: (563) 652-4996