History of Briggs ImageHappy birthday! Briggs is celebrating OVER 50 years of excellence in education!

Briggs Elementary School is named after Ansel Briggs, the first Governor of Iowa, who was an early settler in Jackson County.

When Briggs School opened its doors in August, 1954, it was known as the “Maquoketa Elementary School.” Because there were other elementary schools in Maquoketa at that time, confusion often resulted. In 1964, the PTA and school officials decided that Maquoketa Elementary School should have a name of its own. A Name the School Contest was held. Each class was to choose a name, such as that of a famous person. The judges were to select three names and forward them to the Superintendent and School Board. “Briggs Elementary School,” submitted by a first grade class, was the winning entry. The reason for selecting Briggs was that Ansel Briggs was the first governor of Iowa who had lived nearby in the town of Andrew. The name was short and easy for young children to pronounce and spell.

In 1977 the art and music rooms were added. In 1993 the library, computer lab, office, and additional classrooms were added.

From 1954-2001 Briggs School was a grade K-5 building. Beginning in school year 2002-2003 Briggs is a grade 3-5 building.

Briggs Elementary School has been led by seven principals since 1954:

  • Charles Swaney, 1954-58
  • Bruce Lord, 1958-1966
  • L.L. Long, 1966-1971
  • Clem Bodensteiner, 1971-1979
  • Douglas G. Schermer, 1979-1995
  • Dale J. Hackney, 1995-1996
  • Patrick R. Bollman, 1996-Present

At Briggs Elementary School student learning will take place in a safe, collaborative learning environment.

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