Grades 9-10
1 Semester – .5 Credit
No Prerequisite

Topics covered within Health Education course may vary widely, but typically include personal health (nutrition, mental health and stress management, drug/alcohol abuse prevention, disease prevention) and consumer health issues.  This course also includes HIV/AID education, mental disorders, human sexuality, relationships and personal development.


INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH CAREERS                                        

Grades 10-11-12
1 Semester – .5 Credit
No Prerequisite

Comprehensive courses provide students with an orientation to the health care industry and help refine their health care-related knowledge and skills.  Topics covered usually include (but are not limited to) an overview of health care delivery; patient care, including assessment of vital signs, body mechanics, and diet; anatomy and physiology; identification and use of medical equipment and supplies; medical terminology; hygiene and disease prevention; first aid and CPR procedures; laboratory procedures; and ethical legal responsibilities.

HOSA: Future Health Professional and Medical Reserve Corps Jr. Unit Activities are offered throughout the school year and students are strongly encouraged to join the club.  Dues: $25.00



Grades 11-12
Year Long Course
No Prerequisite

This course is a continuation from the Introduction to Health Careers course.  Classroom instruction will include more in-depth anatomy and physiology, and disease processes.  Students will study causes for common diseases such as strokes, heart diseases, muscular illnesses/injuries, etc.  They will be offered American Heart Association instruction to become fully CPR certified and basic first aid education.  Each student will also be taught basic assessment skills such as assessing blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature and pain.  Speakers will be brought in to enhance classroom lecture.

All Health Science students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to become HOSA: Future Health Professionals and Medical Reserve Corps Jr. Unit members.  These organizations are an extension of the classroom and offer many unique opportunities.

Optional Course Fees

  1. CPR Certification:  $7.00
  2. HOSA Fee:  $28.00



Grades 11-12
One Semester Course
No Prerequisite

This is a one-semester program that provides students the opportunity to obtain their Certified Nursing Assistant certification in the state of Iowa.  The class is composed of lecture, hands-on skills and clinical rotations at local facilities.  Clinical hours are required and may be done during Staff Development days.  Students will be required to provide a copy of their up-to-date immunization records, proof of a completed two-step TB test and completed a background check prior to beginning the course.  This course does require students to travel to different clinical sites.  The CNA program is monitored and audited by the Department of Inspections and Appeals, which requires students to maintain 90% attendance with no exceptions.  Any class missed by the student MUST be made up outside of class time in the classroom, skills lab or at the clinical site.


  1. Uniform.  Students are required to wear white scrub pants, blue scrub top and white shoes to the clinical sit.  This uniform can be used for state testing as well.
  2. State certification exams.  Written exam=$50.00  Practical exam=$85.00
    1. Both exams are required to become certified.  And the cost is subject to change.
  3. Transportation to and from clinical sites.
  4. Background check.
    1. This is offered at Central Office  $28.50
    2. b)  This must be completed prior to the first day of class.
  5. Immunizations.
    1. A copy of your immunization record that is up to date.
  6. Two-step TB test.
    1. You will need to receive this from your doctor and turn in proof of this prior to the first day of class.

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