The Maquoketa Alternative Classroom (MAC) is designed to meet the needs of students who have not had success in a traditional high school or have specific needs that a traditional high school cannot meet.  Maquoketa Alternative Classroom is not a general program for all students.  That is the function of a public high school.  Students are accepted into the program through an evaluation process administered by the Maquoketa High School Counseling Office, High School Principal and the Director of the Alternative Classroom.  The basic guidelines include, but are not limited to:


  1. Students who reside in the Maquoketa Community School District and who have emotional/attitudinal problems which have prevented success in a traditional high school setting.
  2. Students who reside in the district and are behind in credits.
  3. Students who have needs similar to #1 or #2 above and have dropped out of school.
  4. Students whose needs are similar to those listed above but who reside outside of the Maquoketa Community School District. These students must be referred by their home school district, must pay tuition to the Maquoketa Community School District, and must have the approval of the Maquoketa Community Board of Education.


There are two sessions each day at MAC. The morning session meets from 8:15-11:15, and the afternoon session meets from 12:15-3:15. Classes meet Monday through Thursday, and use Friday as a make-up day for absences. This flexibility allows students to take classes at MAC for credit recovery and in the high school according to their interests and needs. Students who attend the alternative program must earn 27 credits and meet requirements of the high school to receive a diploma from Maquoketa High School.

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