Grades 9-10-11-12
1 Year – .5 Credit  Each Sem.

The objectives of the first year of Spanish are to become acquainted with common vocabulary and sentence structure, to understand simple Spanish when spoken, and to become acquainted with the Spanish speaking cultures of the world, including foods, art, sports, and geography of the Hispanic world.  Emphasis is on speaking, listening, and writing.  Students get extensive practice in pairs and groups in exchanging authentic information in the Spanish language.  Communication is the main focus, and students are expected to speak and use Spanish in class.



Grades 10-11-12
1 Year – .5 Credit  Each Sem.
Prerequisite: Spanish I

Spanish II presents more complex linguistically structures.  There will be an emphasis on building vocabulary and grammar as well as expanding cultural themes.  Students will improve their ability to listen, speak, read, write, and create projects through class room lecture, daily work, and group work.  Topics covered in this course include food, clothing, celebrations, and health.



Grades 11-12
1 Year – .5 Credit  Each Sem.
Prerequisite: Recommended grade for success C or Above in Spanish II

Spanish III students will acquire a broader vocabulary base, as well as more advanced grammatical structures of the language.  They will strengthen their conversational, written, listening and reading skills in class through daily lecture, homework, and group presentations.  Students are expected to comprehend and use Spanish in the classroom.  Culture is also emphasized.  Topics covered in this course include daily routines, school, exercise, and visiting a new city.



Grades 12
1 Year – .5 Credit  Each Sem.
Prerequisite: Recommended grade for success C or Above in Spanish III

Spanish IV is a class that emphasizes multiple grammar tenses and structures to prepare students for college level classes.  Students will need to comprehend as well as use Spanish in the entirety of the class.  There are a variety of assessments throughout the course to help build their written, reading, oral, and listening skills through daily lecture, homework, projects, papers, and group discussions.  Topics covered in this course include talking about your childhood, having fun, the market, and telling stories.

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