Name Position E-mail Ext.
Mr. Vervaecke Principal mvervaecke@maquoketaschools.org 4224
Mr. K Bowman Vice Principal kbowman@maquoketaschools.org 4240
Mrs. Scott Secretary lscott@maquoketaschools.org 4222
Mrs. Swanson Secretary dswanson@maquoketaschools.org 4220
Mrs. DeWulf Guidance adewulf@maquoketaschools.org 4225
Mrs. Kinrade Guidance jkinrade@maquoketaschools.org 4226
Mrs. Yarolim Guidance Secretary ryarolim@maquoketaschools.org 4243
Mr. Gruenwald Activities Director tgruenwald@maquoketaschools.org 4223
Mrs. Kramer School Success Coordinator kkramer@maquoketaschools.org 4310
Mr. Beadle Physical Education bbeadle@maquoketaschools.org 4259
Ms. Beau World Languages nbeau@maquoketaschools.org 4312
Mr. Becker Science tbecker@maquoketaschools.org 4230
Mrs. B Bowman Art bbowman@maquoketaschools.org 4212
Mr. Duffy Special Education jbowman@maquoketaschools.org 4229
Mr. T Bowman Social Studies tbowman@maquoketaschools.org 4263
Mrs. S Bresnan Art sbresnan@maquoketaschools.org 4211
Mrs. Brown Special Education jbrown@maquoketaschools.org 4254
Matthew Lansing Career and Technology mlansing@maquoketaschools.org 4238
Mrs. Buckwalter Career and Technology jbuckwalter@maquoketaschools.org 4284
Mr. Burken Career and Technology cburken@maquoketaschools.org 4296
Mr. Hovey Music mhovey@maquoketaschools.org 4235
Mr. Dennis Career and Technology rdennis@maquoketaschools.org 4263
Mrs. Edwards Language Arts aedwards@maquoketaschools.org 4255
Mrs. Garien Special Education jgarien@maquoketaschools.org 4231
Mr. Heinsius Carpentry jheinsius@maquoketaschools.org 4233
Mr. Hagen Music jhagen@maquoketaschools.org 4278
Mr. Hoffman Math jhoffman@maquoketaschools.org 4286
Mrs. Horner Nursing/Medical phorner@maquoketaschools.org 4232
Mrs. Johnson Career and Technology njohnson@maquoketaschools.org 4264
Mrs. Baas Library Media Center/TAG sbaas@maquoketaschools.org 4300
Ms. Althoff Science calthoff@maquoketaschools.org 4281
Mrs. Kilburg Math kkilburg@maquoketaschools.org 4269
Mrs. Stoss Math mstoss@maquoketaschools.org 4282
Mrs. Krum Language Arts dkrum@maquoketaschools.org 4256
Ms. Lansing Special Education jlansing@maquoketaschools.org 4265
Mr. Schott Social Studies bschott@maquoketaschools.org 4245
Mr. Mangler Special Education bmangler@maquoketaschools.org 4249
Mrs. McCaulley Director of Alternative Classroom kmccaulley@maquoketaschools.org 4239
Mrs. McLaughlin ELL smclaughlin@maquoketaschools.org 4293
Mrs. Andresen TLC candresen@maquoketaschools.org 4215
Mrs. Nabb TLC jnabb@maquoketaschools.org 4268
Mrs. Quinlan Science kquinlan@maquoketaschools.org 4267
Mrs. Raker Language Arts araker@maquoketaschools.org 4246
Mrs. Reuter Special Education kreuter@maquoketaschools.org 4279
Ms. Rodriguez Language Arts srodriguez@maquoketaschools.org 4251
Mr. Roe Math broe@maquoketaschools.org 4280
Mrs. Schnoor Social Studies sschnoor@maquoketaschools.org 4257
Mr. Siems MAC jsiems@maquoketaschools.org 4244
Mrs. Stoss Math mstoss@maquoketaschools.org 4312
Mrs. Streff Special Education astreff@maquoketaschools.org 4266
Mrs. Taylor Physical Education ttaylor@maquoketaschools.org 4285
Ms. Miller Math smiller@maquoketaschools.org 4213
Ms. Wallace World Languages ewallace@maquoketaschools.org 4252
Mrs. Wiggins Special Education awiggins@maquoketaschools.org 4247
Mrs. Williams Special Education mwilliams@maquoketaschools.org 4253

Maquoketa Community Schools
612 South Vermont Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060

Phone: 563-652-4984