Welcome to Maquoketa Middle School, Home of the Cardinals! The MMS Staff is committed to providing each and every student access to outstanding opportunities to engage in learning both in and outside of the classroom. We strive to make Maquoketa Middle School a positive, vital, and safe place to learn. The Professional Learning Communities that have been established are dedicated to the success of students and are data driven, solution focused so we can provide additional opportunities and supports to ensure the success of all.   Students and staff participate daily in Free Reading Zone to promote a love of reading both now and in the future. We encourage all of our students to become involved in the learning process and be productive member of the Maquoketa Middle School Team.

Everyone at Maquoketa Middle School is dedicated to our “Be A CARD” program that promotes the characteristics of being Caring, Always Respectful, Responsible and Dedicated. We have established a system of building-wide expectations and students are given CARDs for demonstrating the positive characteristics and meeting expectations in all aspects in daily life at Maquoketa Middle School. Building-wide events are provided every term to allow everyone to celebrate the achievements through this program and are enjoyed by all. Some favorites are the Dodgeball Tournament, the CARDs Auction, and the MMS CARDnival at the end of the year.

The Maquoketa Middle School Team is dedicated to the success of all students. The school staff works as a team and feel that both students and families are key players in assisting the success of our students. Please feel free stop by to visit and we welcome volunteer to assist in the amazing opportunity to educate our students. You are always welcome at Maquoketa Middle School!

Christine Snell, Principal
Head Coach of the Maquoketa Middle School Team


Maquoketa Middle School
200 East Locust Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060
Phone: (563) 652-4956


Maquoketa Community Schools
612 South Vermont Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060

Phone: 563-652-4984