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Physical Education

The physical education classes will meet every other day for 77 minutes for the seventh and eighth graders, 65 minutes for sixth graders. At least 30 minutes of that time will be spent in aerobic activity and the remainder will be spent in various other activities and health related issues. Our goal is to help our students start to develop health lifestyles that will continue throughout their lifetime. Students will need to bring appropriate gym clothes (shorts, shirt, gym shoes, towel or sweats). On occasion, they will also need pencils, notebooks and folders. Grades will be based on their performance, written work and attitudes. Activities to be included in the program are volleyball, weight lifting and etc. Some health related issued are CPR, fitness and health, fitness and nutrition, fitness and stress, human sexuality and drug awareness…

Family Consumer Science

Exploratory – 6 week class – 6-7th graders

The purpose of this class is to introduce the student to the five main areas of this discipline. They are: Personal and Family Relations, Foods and Nutrition, Clothing, Housing and Management

6th grade will explore sewing machine operations and food preparation..

7th grade will include units in housing, purchasing and caring of clothing and clothing construction.

During the students career here at the middle school, they will use many pieces of kitchen equipment such as: stove, oven, electric mixer, electric skillet, blender, dishwasher, microwave. They will also use the washer and dryer, a conventional sewing machine and a serger sewing machine. Many hands on project type activities are done in the classes..

General Music

A required class for all 6th & 7th grade Middle School students.

6th general music class: will meet everyday for 6 weeks (30 days). This class will offer opportunities for understanding and experiences in reading, writing, playing, moving, creating and performing music. If you would like more of an emphasis on vocal skills, you will need to join chorus. 7th general music class: will meet everyday for 6 weeks (30 days). This class will offer opportunities for understanding and experiences in playing the guitar. Students who would like more of an emphasis on vocal skills should join chorus.


Chorus is an optional class that all students may take during Middle School. 6th, 7th and 8th graders who enjoy singing and would like to learn how to sing better should join chorus. Chorus members rehearse every other day during school and will perform three times during the year. Chorus will offer you a chance to meet friends; people who like to sing as you do, and at the same time prepare you for the vocal changes that naturally happen during middle school years. All students are welcome to join.


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