Education Fund Grant

The purpose of the Education Fund Grant is to fund new and improved educational opportunities, innovative learning programs, pilot projects, and equipment which is not part of the standard school budget.

What will be funded?

  • Creative and imaginative teaching projects

  • Enrichment materials

  • Technology linked to projects

Maquoketa Schools Education Fund Grant Application


Donations and memberships are made by individuals and organizations to a component fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson County. Contributions can be sent to the Maquoketa Schools Education Fund at one of the following addresses.

Community Foundation of Jackson County

Maquoketa Schools Education Fund

Maquoketa Schools Education Fund
120 ½ South Main Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060

Maquoketa Community School District
612 South Vermont Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060

Membership Levels

  • Bronze $25-$99 one year commitment

  • Silver $100-$199 one year commitment

  • Gold $200-$299 five year commitment

Total Pledge: $1000

  • Platinum $300 or more five year commitment

Total Pledge: $1500

* Gold and Platinum members are recognized on a plaque at the high school by the gym doors.

Awarded Grants

Grants are awarded in the spring after applications have been submitted by educators in the Maquoketa Community School District. Educators give a detailed description of how they intend to use the requested materials in their classrooms. The total amount awarded each year is dependent upon contributions received from members, organizations, and other promotional activities.

Total grants awarded from 2004 – 2016 is nearly $198,000.