Maquoketa Schools in Strong Financial Position; Schools Are Not Closing

March 8, 2018 – The Maquoketa Board of Education met on March 1 to discuss the School District (MCSD) Facilities. The focus of the meeting was to discuss three topics: the viability of a bond referendum, whether to place a new HVAC system in the middle school, and whether contributing monies to a new Ag Facility was viable for the district. In order for those decisions to eventually be made, the Board was forward thinking and began to consider All aspects of district facilities and the challenges that may be faced in the next 5, 10, or 20 years. Read the complete statement from Mr. Hoover


This message is to inform parents of the information that was shared and discussed in a mini assembly format with each grade level (9-12) today. The purposes behind the meetings were:
1) Inform students of accurate information about the comments that were made that caused a concern these past few days and give any pertinent other information
2) Let the students know what is being done to keep them safe
3) Remind students who they should speak with if they do not feel safe or hear something that is concerning

Below is an outline of the information that was discussed.
-7:30 pm Monday reported to law center about comments made
-Sheriff’s Department/ Maquoketa PD/School officials investigated on Monday
-Interviewed the individual Monday evening
-Family is cooperating with investigation
-Investigation is still on-going by the law enforcement and the school; not considered a viable threat to staff or students

-Increased police presence throughout the week
-Student in question will not attend school until investigation is complete and cleared to return by school officials
-Increased visibility by staff
-Shared ALICE protocol Tuesday after school with staff
-Doors are locked, do not let individuals in locked doors, do not ask to be let in locked doors use the three doors that are monitored.

-All rumors are being examined, thank you to everyone who has cooperated today
-Fire alarm was not pulled yesterday, it was a dirty sensor

-If you are uncomfortable you need to share that with an adult at school like a teacher, counselor, administrator and an adult at home
-If you hear or see something first hand, please tell a teacher, counselor, administrator and an adult at home

A school messenger call will be going out later today as well discussing these points. Thank you.


The purpose of this email is to make you aware of a situation that occurred with a Maquoketa Student and to give you accurate information.

On 2/19/2018 the Maquoketa Law Center received information about an inappropriate comment or threat made by a student at the Maquoketa High School.  The Maquoketa Police Department along with the Jackson County Sherriff’s Department immediately began an investigation.  Administration at the Maquoketa High School were notified about the threat and given names of the subject(s) who were involved.

The Maquoketa Police Department is working with the Maquoketa School District to ensure the safety of all the staff and students.  No charges have been filed at this time and the Maquoketa Police Department is continuing their investigation.

At this time in the investigation we do not believe there was a viable threat towards students or staff at the Maquoketa School District.

If you have additional information regarding this matter please contact the Maquoketa Community School District Administration Office at (563) 652-4984, School Resource Officer Scott Hansen or Asst. Chief Brendan Zeimet at the Maquoketa Police Department at (563) 652-2468.

It is important to discuss with your children and students that it is not appropriate, nor acceptable, to joke about or make light of tragedies like this.


Dear Maquoketa Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members:

Our thoughts are with the Parkland Florida school community. The safety of our students at Maquoketa is a top priority, so each time there is violence on a school campus, it prompts us to pause and reflect on the safety measures, such as our secure doorways and our standard response protocol we have in place. This also reminds us how important our efforts are to invest in forming trusting relationships with and among students in our schools. Read the full statement from Mr. Hoover –>


Joyce Ostert received the Maquoketa Community School District’s IMPACT Award this afternoon. READ THE FULL POST

SchoolMessenger Text Messaging Information

Are you looking for information on how to opt IN or opt OUT of the SchoolMessenger Text Messaging service? Please read the information below.

*Important*–  Opting in for text messaging does not guarantee you will receive a text message.  The system must match the cell phone number texting the service to a number in Infinite Campus (our student information system).  If this match is not made the system will not send a text to that phone.


MCSD Approves District Mission and Vision Statements

October 25, 2017, (Maquoketa, IA): The Maquoketa Community School District (MCSD) is pleased to announce the development and approval of a new, clear, focused mission and vision statement to guide the school district into the future.


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